Gotta Make A Change!

Many moons ago (okay, back in October), Jeff and I started discussing me quitting my job and starting to be a Stay-At-Home Mom.  Things just weren’t working out well with my job any more.  My job was great – I was still rocking that.  But our home life was starting to suffer far more than we liked.  Several things were happening; there wasn’t just 1 thing that was causing the pain.

Cue the (unexpected) positive pregnancy test.  With that news, it seemed even more clear – and it influenced our timing.  Before we had been talking about the end of 2016, but with Baby #4 coming in June, it just appeared as a natural time.

So we decided!  We decided that starting in June, I’ll be leaving Corporate America for Home!

I have mixed emotions about it, to be honest.  I firmly believe that it’s the right decision…but that doesn’t make it easy.  As I’ve said elsewhere, I feel like a college senior.  You look forward to graduation and what is coming next, but you also recognize the great life you have right now.  You have friends.  Free time.  Pizza runs at midnight.  Classes are fun and challenging. It’s just a great place to be.

That’s me right now — my job is a great place to be.  I do well there.  I have fantastic co-workers and a fun product.  We’re doing good work and some exciting things.  I really, really, really enjoy it.

But I’m also excited for staying at home too.  It will be challenging – probably far more than I realize.  Most women who stay-at-home (I’m guessing) do so when their first is born, not their fourth.

Is this move permanent?  Probably not.  Maybe, but I suspect not.  But again, I don’t want to work full-time.  Not with little ones.  Not with school age kids.  Life will only get crazier nor more simple – at least not for a really long time.  So, who knows where this all will lead?

I’ll write more about this later – in particular, I have some old posts that I’ve written, but never published on being a working mother.  Maybe it’s time to dust those off!

Kitchen Remodel!

It’s done!!!!  All done!  (Well, as done as we’re gonna get right now.)

We literally installed the last door knob and coat hook the other day on all the spaces that we remodeled.  Now I’m gonna do my best to show you the results!  Today, it’s all about the Kitchen.

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Scope of work: 

  • Take down pretty much every wall!
  • Remove the wall between the kitchen & laundry room to make a larger “mudroom”.
  • Remove the wall between the kitchen & office space to make one larger room and room for a walk-in pantry.  This wall was load-bearing, so also installed a header beam to support the house.
  • Remove the wall between the kitchen & living room to make an open floor plan.
  • Move the plumbing from an exterior wall of the house to the middle of the kitchen.
  • Install custom cabinets.
  • Install a 10 foot island/food prep space.
  • Install new cabinets, countertop, flooring, tile backsplash.
  • Create walk-in pantry with custom shelving & drawers.
  • Create “mudroom” by adding cubbies & bench seating in previous laundry room space.

Product List:

Some Before Pictures:




After Pictures:




Side by Side Comparison:

View from living room:



Office/Playroom Before to Eating Area:Before&After2

View from door from the garage:


Master Bath Remodel!

It’s done!!!!  All done!  (Well, as done as we’re gonna get right now.)

We literally installed the last door knob and coat hook the other day on all the spaces that we remodeled.  Now I’m gonna do my best to show you the results!  Today, it’s all about the Master Bathroom.

(Click here to see all Remodel 2015 posts.)

Scope of work: 

  • Nothing too major (at least compared to the kitchen!).
  • Rip out existing shower & vanity.
  • Remove the wall separating the shower & vanity.
  • Replace with smaller vanity (1 sink instead of 2).
  • Replace shower with much bigger tiled shower.
  • Replace laminate flooring with tile.
  • Replace toilet, vanity light fixture and mirror.
  • Replace bathroom door to match the rest of the upstairs doors.

Product List:


Some Before Shots:







16 week check up!

Last week, I had my 16-week check up for Baby #4.  These 2nd trimester appointments are blissfully uneventful!

They check my weight (up a pound).

The check my blood pressure (fine).

They took blood (to check my iron levels).

They listen to the baby’s heartbeat (140s).

Then we say “Good Bye” and see ya next time!

That’s pretty much how it goes.  Next appointment will be my 20-week appointment, which will be a little more exciting since it’s the big anatomy ultrasound.  However, since we already know that it’s a boy, that small piece of guessing isn’t there.  Since I’m considered “AMA” (Advanced Maternal Age), my ultrasound will be done by the perinatologist instead of the normal ultrasound technicians.  Either way, it’s a glimpse at our newest one!

Samuel: 9 months old!

Sammy turned 9 months old at the beginning of this month (the 7th) and he’s really starting to move!  Unfortunately, this month also saw a bout with pink eye, a small ear infection and an infected finger.  Poor guy!  He’s recovering quite well and was still really happy through most of it!

His scrapbook page:


A recent picture:


Baby #4!

If we’re not friends on Facebook, then you probably don’t know: Baby #4 is on its way!



Here’s my usual “FAQ” that people often ask:

What’s your due date?

June 26th is our estimated due date.  I say ‘estimate’ in this case because I’m not sure that they’re right.  I suspect the date is a little off, but since this pregnancy was a little … unexpected… I can’t say for sure.

That makes me almost 15 weeks along.

How’s the pregnancy going?

Baby is doing excellent!  That’s what they tell me anyway – it’s hard to have any confirmation when I’m barely out of the 1st trimester.

Me, however?  Not as good.  My iron is super low, so I’m receiving iron infusions.  They’re a nuisance, but really, the hospital makes the process pretty easy.

Is baby a boy or a girl?

It’s a boy!  A bad thing happened since my last baby (Samuel) was born in April: I turned 36.  That automatically put me into the “Advanced Maternal Age” category.  So, my new OB recommended genetic testing (just through testing my blood – nothing on baby), especially considering the craniosyntosis concerns that Finn & Samuel have had.  Even though it wouldn’t change anything we did during the pregnancy, we agreed.  They found ‘Y’ chromosomes in my blood work, indicating that it’s a boy!  Ultrasound at 20 weeks will confirm it.

Any names picked out?

Nope!  We’ve eliminated a few – Phinehas, Stephen, David, Samuel, Aaron.  Just because we’ve already used those.  We’ll stick to a Biblical name for at least the first name. We had a hard time deciding on Sammy’s name, so this will be a battle for us!

Any blog posts about it?

You bet!  Just made them not private.  Read ’em all here.

How did I tell Jeff?

Jeff and I were scheduled to have a “let’s take a serious look at our budget” conversation when I kind of realized that I hadn’t had a ‘visitor’ in a while.  I better take a test I thought.  First test?  Positive.  Nah, I thought.  Test again.  Positive.  Quick run to the store for a different kind of test – a digital one.  Test again.  Positive.  Okay.  I get it.

So as part of our “let’s take a serious look at our budget” conversation, I presented him with the positive test and turned it into a “let’s take a serious look at our budget, in light of a 4th child” conversation.

Yes, this was just 3 weeks into that huge kitchen/bathroom/basement remodel that rocked our world!  Let’s throw another change into the mix.

Iron Woman!

My iron is low, low, low.  They re-tested it at my 12-week appointment and I’m not making much progress.  Since oral iron pills aren’t making much of a difference, it’s on to iron infusions.

Which consists of 5 appointments over the course of 14 days, each about 48-72 hours apart.  Each infusion is by IV and takes about 2 hours.

Today was my first appointment and it didn’t start off very well.  You do it at the hospital and they just put you in a regular room while you get the treatment.  I’ve never had problem giving blood or having an IV put in, but it took 3 tries by 3 different nurses in 3 different locations to actually get blood.  It took an hour by the time I checked in and actually got a good vein, but then it went fine.  It did take 2 hours to empty the IV bag, but it wasn’t painful.

I just rested in the hospital bed, watching TV.  I think I even took a nap for a bit.  The great news about them being done at the hospital is that I can go in just about any time — in fact, my next appointment is Christmas Day night at 8:00 p.m.  I can put the boys to bed and head on over.  Otherwise, being gone for 2-3 hours is kind of disruptive with a young family!



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