We rarely take the boys out to eat.  Now, one of us might run out and grab fast food and bring it home, but the boys rarely go into restaurants.  It isn’t a money thing; it’s just stressful for me.  You don’t enjoy the food.  It’s hard to enjoy the company you’re with.  (Some might ask how we plan on training the boys to be in restaurants if we never take them there.  But I believe that they will be just fine should they never dine out until they’re 8.  Somehow, they’ll still learn to be still. We have time for them to learn this life lesson.  Later.)

But a couple of weeks ago, my mom invited us out and it was great timing — it was getting late and I didn’t have dinner plans.  The boys had taken long afternoon naps.  It was to a place that I love (Olive Garden.) There would be more adults there than children.  And with a 3rd on the way, I knew it was almost a “now or never” kind of moment. So I gave an enthusiastic yes!

Dinner was great.  The service was slow as the restaurant was really busy, but the boys did really well.  (Of course, my expectations were low.)  As we were getting ready to leave and pay our bill, Finn said “Mama, I got sickies in my tummy.”

So I scooted him over to me and we cuddled while Jeff dealt with the check.  Well, we cuddled as much as you can squeezed into a booth.

Then I stood him up to put his coat on him.  He leaned over into me and puked.  A few times.  He hadn’t eaten too much, but whatever was in there, all came out.  Mostly on me, but some on the bench seat.  Some on the floor.  Some on the table.  Some even flew and hit Jeff’s shoe.

He instantly felt better of course.  At nearly the same time, Stephen started crying cause he was D.O.N.E.  He had had enough and was ready to go.

My mother laughed (kindly, in a “I remember those days” kind of way) and took a picture.  Me, 30-some weeks pregnant in a restaurant booth with a crying 1-year-old and a puking 2-year-old.  It was one of those “I’m just gonna laugh about this because there isn’t much else I can do anyway” kind of moments.


32 week check up!

Ummm…so I had my 32 week check up for Baby #3.  Like a week ago.  Isn’t that already a sign that you’re not a first born if it takes your mom a week to blog about her check up?

Anyway…nothing really to report.

  • Baby has a good heartbeat in the 140s.
  • I had no weight gain, but…
  • I’m measuring on track, maybe a little small.
  • My blood pressure is starting to inch up there, but definitely not a concern.  I just noticed that it was higher for me.
  • Baby was head down at this appointment, but I still feel really big movements, so I’m not convinced that’s where he’ll stay.

I go again next week for my 34-week check up and this time they’ll do a growth ultrasound to check his measurements, but I’m not really concerned.

Toddler Days

I once read an author who described parenthood as a “necessary shock to one’s selfishness.”  Now, I’m not convinced that she’s 100% right about the necessary part, but lately, I’m convinced about the shock to my selfishness.

It’s the toddler days that are hard for me to bear.  Pregnancy isn’t a big deal to me (so far).  Sure, you have aches and pains and heartburn (oh the heartburn right now!), but the thought of being pregnant again is no big deal.

Labor & delivery isn’t a big deal to me.  (Again, so far).  Births #1 and #2 weren’t traumatic or anything and I walked away with a baby.  How cool is that?

The early days of a newborn don’t scare me.  Been there.  Done that.  Learned a lot.  Will learn some more in a few months.  It’s a really intense and tiring time, but it isn’t so bad.

It’s the “Terrible Twos” or whatever you want to call them.  It’s not so much the “Oh wow — look what I can do.  Bet you never thought of me playing with my poop on the wall” experiences.  I can laugh at those.  It’s the “Mom & Dad, are your boundaries for real?” testing that goes on.  It’s the “I just realized that I really don’t have to do what you say.  Your words do not automatically command my body to action.” moments.  It’s the “I just woke up from my nap and I am ANGRY at everything and everyone for no reason.”

“They” aren’t kidding when they say that some days are hard.  But some days are wonderful too.  And, really, more realistically – the same day is both hard and wonderful.

When my kids are all out of toddler, I can definitely see where I’ll miss some moments that this unique age brings.

  • The wonder when they discover something new.
  • The “talking” that they (well, at least Finn so far) do when they’re falling asleep.
  • The random hugs that they want.
  • The insistence that they give you a “hug and a kiss” even if you’re just running to the grocery store without them.
  • The way they love taking baths and just dumping water from 1 bowl to the other.
  • The way they jump out of the tub after that bad and can’t wait to go see Dada and show him that they’re “nakey”.
  • The way that they don’t care if it is the 4th time today that they’ve heard “The Daddy Mountain”, they want it one more time.

But I know that I am being made a better person because of my kids.  Because they frustrate me.  Because I get so confused about how to train them.  Because I get so caught up in MY way and MY wants and MY needs that I get angry when I don’t have things the way that I want them.  It’s all a part of growing up, I guess – they’re growing up and mine!



So many times I look at a cute gift idea on pinterest and think “Nah, I can’t use that…my kids aren’t old enough.”  And they may not be.  But my co-workers are!

Last week, I made them each a simple mechanical pencil taped with a piece of paper that said “You got the ‘write’ stuff to make this a great team!”  I laid one on each of their desks in the morning.

Cheesy?  You betcha.

Fun?  You betcha.

Made them smile?  Most of them!


30 week check up!

This appointment just seems like a weird one.  This is the first one when you start going every other week instead of once every 4 weeks (at least at my doctor’s practice).  So, I go there and it seems like I was just there!

And again….another short one.  In and out in 5 minutes.  That’s what happens when you don’t have any questions, I guess.

  • I’m up 2 pounds from 2 weeks ago.  Yikes!
  • My blood pressure is good.
  • Baby’s heartbeat is good (in the 130s this time).
  • I feel lots of movement still.
  • No gestational diabetes.
  • I am starting to “measure small” though, so we’re going to do a growth ultrasound at 34 weeks like I did with my first 2 pregnancies.  No major concerns, just keep an eye on it.

That’s it.  See her in another 2 weeks!

In this latest edition of “Things I want to Remember”…

Stephen had his 15-month check up at the pediatrician’s office last week.  Went great.  They didn’t write down his numbers for me (I thought they would, so I didn’t bother writing them down), but if memory serves, he’s:

  • 90th percentile for height
  • 20th percentile for weight (which surprised me a little bit cause that boy can eat!  And he’s got a little baby belly on him.  But I guess that’s why it’s called a baby belly — babies have them!)
  • 70th percentile for head size

None of those are radically off from where he’s been in the past, so he’s growing!  He isn’t saying as many words as they’d like.  He pretty much only says Dada and Daddy.  (Yes, no mama yet).  But he does ‘talk’ all the time.  We’ll just keep watching it.

Finn recently took the “child lock” off his bedroom door.  For about a year since Finn’s been tall enough to open bedroom doors himself, we’ve “locked him” in his room at night with one of those child safety locks.  I just had visions of him escaping at night, running down to the kitchen and practicing a knife throwing routine for the circus.  Last night, I was working in my room and he came in twice and handed me the lock. He hadn’t figured out how to open the door with the lock, but rather to take the lock off!  Oh well…we had been thinking that it was time to do so anyway since we’ll eventually want to night potty train him and we’ll want him to be able to leave his room to go to the bathroom. This is as good a time as any before he and Stephen share a room soon.

We’re eating through our freezer!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here, but I blog occasionally for Mom Saves Money and I’ve been posting how my deep freeze has gotten out of control.  So, we’ve been intentionally eating from the freezer this month instead of adding to it.  Lessons learned: we don’t really eat frozen pizza, but we do eat cheese!  This week’s goal is to organize, organize, organize!  Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four.

Home improvements – but not the fun kind.  Our house has a toy room.  I mean, I’m sure it was intended to be a family room, but for us, it’s a toy room.  But man, it gets cold!  We suspect the fireplace is leaking and maybe the door to the back deck, so we had a home inspector come in who has an infrared camera.  Diagnosis: the fireplace is leaking, the door is fine, but your attic doesn’t have adequate insulation and your furnace is old.  Really old.  Like 28 years old.  Like “How are you all not dead yet?” kind of old.  And same with the water heater.  So, last week, we got a new water heater.  And a new furnace.  Next week is more attic insulation.  I need to price out getting the fireplace converted to gas.  It’s wood burning, but it’s been stuffed full of styrofoam from the previous owners and I’m afraid to look in it!

And man, my kids are cute!


No gestational diabetes!

So, I had to take the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance test on Monday after having “not passed” the 1-hour version.  I passed!

It wasn’t too bad, but it certainly wasn’t fun.

  • 7:45 – I got in there by 7:45 am, having fasted since midnight (really, 8:00 p.m. the night before).  They took blood to get a baseline and make sure my levels weren’t too high to give me the glucose drink.
  • 8:10 – 20 minutes later, they confirmed that I wasn’t too high and could proceed.    Drank the drink.  The tech had informed me that it was more sugary than the 1 hour version, but I couldn’t tell much of a difference.
  • 8:30 – I had brought my work laptop and tried to get some work done.  Did okay until about 15-20 minutes after drinking the stuff.  I wouldn’t say that I was dizzy per se, but my vision got a little wobbly, so I just shut my laptop screen, drank lots of water and walked a bit.  It passed within another 15 minutes or so.
  • 9:10 – They took another sample.  I resumed working.  I kept drinking water.
  • 10:10 – They took another sample.  I kept working.  I kept drinking water.
  • 11:10 – They took the last sample.  The gal asked me how I was feeling and I said fine.  She said “The lab won’t tell me your numbers, just that they are really low.  They suggest you drink this apple juice and eat these crackers.”  Sure!  I was hungry by that point anyway.

The next day, the nurse called and said I passed.  No dietary changes needed.  Hip! Hip!  Hooray!



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