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Remodel: Week 8

I think we’re at the end of week 8 of the remodel and WOW what progress!  I’m really overdue in giving an update.

There was a “dead” week in there after the framing was done before the city inspector came by and gave the okay to start the drywall.  The drywallers took about a week to hang and finish the drywall in the kitchen, master bath and basement.  They finished Wednesday (right before Thanksgiving), giving me the go ahead to start painting!

We’ve elected to do our own painting because that’s about all that we can do!  In reality, we’ll be hiring my uncle who is a professional painter.  However, since I couldn’t tell him for sure when the room would be ready to paint, I went ahead and did some painting myself this 4-day holiday weekend.

There’s still plenty for him to do – but I was able to knock out major portions of the kitchen while the flooring wasn’t installed.  It’s soooo much easier to paint when you don’t care about the flooring and the trim hasn’t been installed yet.

Here’s where we’re at:


  • Cabinets installed, but not yet painted.
  • Flooring installed in “dining area”, but not anywhere else yet.
  • All framed.
  • All drywalled.
  • The ceiling, in particular, has been leveled out.
  • All the canned lights have been installed.
  • Island lighting and final fixtures will be installed later.
  • Most of the walls painted, except for the dining area.

Master Bathroom:

  • All framed up.
  • All drywalled up.
  • Drywall primed, but I need to pick a final wall color.


  • All framed up.
  • All drywalled up.
  • Brand new fuse panel installed.
  • No painting or trim work done.

Pictures of the Kitchen:






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Halloween 2015

How do you get a good picture of all 3 kids?  Maybe next year!


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Remodel Week #2

WOW!  A whole lot of progress this week.  It’ll probably start to get more boring after this, but this week:


  • Window removed
  • All framed up!  You can now see the expanded mud room/laundry room, nook for fridge and walk-in pantry walls.
  • Header beam installed in ceiling instead of under ceiling.


  • Bedroom window replaced with an egress window so that it can be a true bedroom.
  • All framed up!  You can see where the storage area will be, the bedroom, the man cave and an area for a future bathroom.

Master Bathroom:

  • All framed up!  Okay, there’s just 1 wall in there, but it’s still progress.

It’ll start to get more boring after this.  Next week, the HVAC guy comes in.  The electrician comes in.  The plumber comes in.  And while those things are exciting, they aren’t really as exciting/noticeable as new walls!  But it’s progress and I love it!

Some pictures:



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Week 1 of the Remodel 2015 project has come and gone!  Here’s what happened this past week:

  • Monday – Not much activity other than meeting the construction team, going over plans, they measured for lumber.  Dumpster was delivered.
  • Tuesday – Demo Day 1!  The kitchen area was tarp-ed off. Cabinets & countertops were removed.  Some basement demo was done.
  • Wednesday – Demo Day 2! Kitchen walls removed (except for the load-bearing wall).
  • Thursday – Demo Day 3! Master Bathroom gutted, more demo in kitchen.
  • Friday – Nothing much.

It’s not so bad.

  • In some ways, it isn’t so bad.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of “walling” off that they had to do of the kitchen.  It makes my living room much smaller once you consider that our kitchen table is also in the living room.
  • Meals are going really well.  I froze lots of pre-cooked meals before construction and they are serving us well!

It’s worse than I thought.

  • I ain’t gonna lie: it’s rough during the day and our nanny is taking the brunt of it.  Being in a much smaller space is hard for a 3 1/2 year old, a 2 year old and an almost-crawling 6 month old.  What used to just be a living room with 2 couches, plenty of room to play and we had a toy room is now a living-room-with-1-couch-a-kitchen-table-and-all-the-toys-shoved-in-there.
  • The distraction of men coming in and out with cool big tools is hard to overcome.  The boys have been trained to not go into the tarped-off area and the workers are great at staying as invisible as possible, but it’s hard to ignore.
  • The noise!  It’s really loud at times.  Really loud.  How can it not be? They’re sawing down walls right next to you.  They’re removing drywall.  They’re using big air guns to shoot nails through the concrete floor in the basement.  They’re cutting 2x4s. Finn, especially, is sensitive to noise and hates loud sounds.  And, of course, Stephen and Sammy aren’t napping well.

It’ll get worse before it gets better.

  • We’re about to lose our main big TV downstairs that Jeff uses.
  • We’re a couple of days away from losing our washing machine & dryer.  That’ll be rough!

Here are some pictures from this week:



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Remodel 2015: The Kitchen

We’re remodeling!

Starting next week, the contractors will be here to:

  • Pretty much gut our laundry room, kitchen, and formal dining room to make more of a mud room and a bigger eat-in kitchen.
  • Re-do our master bath by removing the “plastic” shower and making a tiled, walk-in shower.  It’d be nice to get a tub in there, but I just wasn’t willing to sacrifice the closet!
  • Start finishing off our basement.

There’s much that we want to do with the basement, but this will be just part of it.  We’re removing a window and installing an egress window to make a conforming bedroom and walling off a storage room.  The rest of the basement will be mostly unfinished.  In a few years, we’ll carpet it, install a kitchenette and a bathroom.  The plumbing is all roughed in down there; it was just more than we wanted to pay for right now.

Here are the basic plans:


We’re just making a couple of changes to this plan:

  • The island will be shortened slightly on both sides to make “traffic” flow easier.
  • We aren’t installing the cabinets by the kitchen table right away.  I think I want a furniture piece (if anything).  That’s easy to add after the fact if I change my mind.

Here are the things that I think we’re going with.  When it’s all said and done, I’ll let you know what we really use!


Some cool 3D renderings:

Circle House-Kitchen6 3d view 1

From our living room, looking into the kitchen area. Current floor plan is totally different.

Circle House-Kitchen6 3d view 2

Standing at the soon-to-be island, looking into the dining area. Next to the fridge will be a walk-in pantry.

Circle House-Kitchen6 3d view 3

From the dining area, looking at the island. We put the dining area here because there are windows (on the wall “behind” this picture) that look out to a wooded area – great view!

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No More Moving Parts!

I am stressed these days.  (You can tell by my Pepsi consumption, unfortunately.)

  • Projects are blowing up at work.
  • Changes are happening there that affect me and got me worried.
  • People there are being snippy.  I’m being snippy.
  • Sammy’s potential upcoming surgery weighs on my mind.
  • Our big remodel is starting in 2 weeks.
  • I have things to pick out for the remodel with lots of confusion on my lighting choices.  (It’s tough to find something that you LOVE!)
  • My sister recently moved to South Carolina, which really stinks as she was a huge part of my life, having lived just up the street and was my babysitter.  Really stinks.
  • Finn had really been acting up and potty training was just dragging on and on and on and on.  (Seriously…we’re 10 months into this and still having 5-6 ‘accidents’ each day.  We’ve had some recent success in the last 2 weeks which has made this much better.)
  • Sammy’s stopped sleeping through the night.  He had been waking up once each night, wanting a bottle and then being WIDE awake.  Now he’s just waking up once a night, getting stuck in the crib and needing help.  But it’s still interrupted sleep.

I’m just ready for no more moving parts!  I’m ready for January – things will be much calmer then!

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This is a completely untouched room.  We’ve moved in and haven’t done a thing to it.  Not a thing.  There’s wallpaper peeling from the walls.  I haven’t even stood in the shower.  It just needs re-done.  And it will be this fall.  Hence, the whole “I haven’t done anything with it.” look it has now.

But here it is!


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