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There have been some posts lately on other blogs that I’ve really enjoyed reading.  Maybe you will too?  Check ‘em out.

3 Things to Discuss This Time of Year…about Money at Simple Mom.  I especially like her #3.  Jeff and I have a goal of paying off our mortgage, so that’s our #1 financial goal right now.  But we’ll be having a budget conversation sometime early next year as we’re both (likely) getting raises, maybe one-time bonuses and will know the tax implications of a new child.

I’m Opting Out of the Food Wars by Jess Connell.  AMEN!

35 Ways To Love Your Children by Jess Connell.  I originally read this on her Making Home blog, but she’s since consolidated to 1 place, so go here.

A Girl On Fire by Amy J. Bennett




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24 days til we see KC Chiefs play (a quick little day trip)!
25 days til we close on our new house!
28 days til we take posession of that new house!
33 days til we move into that new house!
43 days til we close on our current house (yup, got a buyer!)
45 days til Baby Stephen is due!

Oh what fun the next few weeks will be!  Better start packing!

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Read her blog

My blog stinks.  Hers doesn’t.  Hers = Loving My Lot.  I’ve recently stumbled onto it and love it.  Maybe you will too.

Some of my favorites:

Romancing A Guy

How a Baby Changes Your Life

Confessions of a Housewife

Making Family Gatherings Meaningful

Guilt-Free Womanhood


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Kid President

Have you heard of the Kid President?  I haven’t seen all of his work, but this tribute to moms is great!

I love the quote: “Our house is awesome cause we live in it!”

I hope that’s true for my house.  I hope my family feels this way about the home that I want to create.  A home that my family longs to be.  A place that they think is AWESOME!

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My car has been sick lately.  In the shop a couple of different times.  Check Engine Lights.  Not starting.  We think it’s a bad battery, but you don’t really suspect a bad battery when you’re 13 months into an 85-month battery.  Mechanic says bad battery.  Battery store says it isn’t.

And, of course, “Since we’ve got your car in here ma’am and it’s coming up on 90,000 miles, there are several things that Toyota recommends that you do…” So I had to get my muffler fluid replaced too.


(Just kidding on the muffler fluid.  It was fine.)

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Another wedding shower gift.  This time, it wasn’t something that I registered for.  Why didn’t I register for them?  I didn’t know they exist!  But they’re awesome!

They’re measuring cups.  Plastic ones, so nothing fancy.  What makes them great?  They have 2/3 cup and 3/4 cups!   Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right?  It isn’t.  I mean, this isn’t life and death or anything, but it is just really convenient.  Need 3/4 cup of flour?  No need to use the 1/4 cup three times.  There’s been plenty of times that I’ve forgotten to put in that other last scoop!  Need 2/3 cup of flour?  No need to rinse the honey out of the 1/3 cup that you just used – save you some time!

I don’t know. I just love ‘em!

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I like to think of myself as handy around the house, but I’m not.  Not really.  But I like to be able to hang my own curtains and blinds and pictures without having to ask Jeff to help me.

When we moved into this house, I put up curtains, but I couldn’t get the screws for the rods into the wall right.  Even using the cordless drill, they just wouldn’t go in!  Then my husband educated me on using a screw to do a pilot hole first.  And let me tell you, it makes a world of difference!  It went from “practically impossible” to “done in 30 seconds”.  Now I really don’t have to make him help me!  In fact, I hung up some more curtains this past week and I didn’t have to get him involved at all.  It’s so nice to not have to add to his “To Do” List when I don’t have to!


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Now, I don’t really know if they’re meant to be soup containers, but that’s what I’m gonna call them.  I use them for soup.  I use them for the random one piece of leftover lasagna.  I use them for the little bit of extra spaghetti noodles.  They’re great!  They hold a single serving of just about anything!  They have a little “spigot” at the top that you can pop up for microwaving.  But my favorite feature is their wonderful handle for holding.

I got mine as a wedding shower gift, but I had first used them as a roommate (Hey Melissa-I’m guessing you aren’t reading this!) had some when we lived together.  They are awesome!  And I just saw them at Target for $6.00 (for the white ones – the colored ones are a few dollars more), so it’s a great price!  Get some today!


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I have several metal baking pans – 8x8s, 9x9s and 9x13s. I’ll never purchase again.  It’s glass for me.  Reason: metal rusts.  Glass doesn’t.  So much better!

And glass ones have a much higher chance of having lids.  I don’t think I’ve come across metal pans that come with lids.  But glass ones?  Very easy to find some with lids.  Things with lids freeze better.  Things with lids stack better.  Things with lids keep better.

So, for me, it’s glass pans.  With lids.

It’s the only way to go. (If only I could find some glass bread loaf pans that have a lid.  Then I’d be in heaven.)

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New author!

I’m always so excited when I find a new author that I really like. And I have!

Her name is Julie Klassen. She writes Christian fiction and she’s been compared to Jane Austen. Not that she necessarily writes like Jane Austen (but she does resemble her writing to a degree), but she writes about the same era and some of the same things.

There is romance in most of her books, but it’s more than that. There’s mystery and drama too. Romance isn’t always the central story. At least in the half dozen or so books of hers that I’ve read. I’ve read all the ones that the Omaha Library has.

I also like the way that she handles faith. Faith isn’t used in my-life-is-perfect-because-I-have-Jesus kind of way. Many of her main characters are Christians, but there isn’t pithy or superficial comments like “Just believe”. They deal with real issues and take real stands and deal with things well. Or they make mistakes. But when they do, they own up to them.

She’s just great — so if you’re looking for some new reads, there ya go!

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