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34 week check up

Another 2 weeks have past.  Therefore, another set of dr’s appointments.  This week marked the start of having to see both the perinatologist and my OB each appointment.  I’ll go again at 36 weeks, then weekly after that.

More uneventful stuff.

  • My weight has stayed steady.  No gain.  No loss.
  • Baby is measuring right on track.
  • Heartbeat in the 140s.
  • He had been kind of sideways last time, but this time he was head down.  Which I suspected because of where I’ve started feeling movement (low and high instead of right and left).
  • They didn’t do an official growth ultrasound, but everything looked good.
  • My platelet counts are back up!  They’re at 180-something, which is fine.  They’ll test again later, but as long as they’ve over 100, there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Again, no great pictures of the baby.  He likes his hands by his face!

Less than 6 weeks away from being a Family of 6!

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32 week check up

Let’s call this a 32-week check up even though I’m really like 31 1/2 weeks.  But whatever.  Today’s appointment was with my perinatologist (the high risk doctor since, you know, I’m old and stuff).  Totally an uneventful appointment.

They always do an ultrasound to measure things and baby looks great! Still definitely, 100%, proud-to-be a boy!  They measure all kinds of things like head size, thigh size, stomach size, kidney size, amount of fluid, placenta blood flow, etc.  For all of the metrics, baby was measuring ahead 1-2 weeks.  That’s great because I tend to have babies on the smaller side.

The doctor confirmed that my platelet count is starting to get low, but it wasn’t anywhere near a critical level yet – just that it’s starting to decrease.  They’ll keep an eye on it, but he isn’t concerned about it at all.  If it does get too low, he’d likely recommend that they give me some steroids that will increase platelet count.  My main concern is that I’ll be able to get an epidural when the time is right!

I’ll continue to see my normal OB every other week until 36 weeks, then I’ll go to the both the normal OB and the perinatologist weekly.  The perinatologist will do a biophysical profile each time – mostly looking for signs that the placenta is aging too fast.  If I remember correctly, the tech said that they give a score between 0 and 8:

  • 2 points can be assigned for movement
  • 2 points can be assigned for placenta bloodflow
  • 2 points can be assigned for amount of amniotic fluid
  • 2 points can be assigned for baby’s heartbeat

They did try to get me some 3D shots of baby, but no luck.  He kept his hands near his face the whole time.  I got to see his eye socket.  It looked like…an eye socket.

Either way, so far, so good!


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31 week check up

I missed my 30-week check up due to car issues.  (You know the kind where you’re literally 1 mile away from your destination, but your van won’t turn over, so you ain’t going even though you’re this.close to the place you need to be?  That kind.)
But that’s okay – I moved it to 31 weeks and canceled the 32 week check up.  I feel good.  Lots of movement.  No major issues, so I felt comfortable doing that.  If something changed, then I can always call the doctor.
So, I got to the doctor today.  Uneventful:
  • Yes, my lab work was good last time at 28 weeks – no gestational diabetes.  Which I knew since they didn’t call.  No news = good news.



  • I should continue to see the perinatologist.  Reason: I’m still old.  Darn that turning 36 last summer!  They just get worried that the placenta will start to age in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Not sure how worried I should really be about that.



  • There’s nothing he sees that would make them think that they have to induce – my blood pressure is great, baby seems to be growing, my vitamin levels are bad, but delivery isn’t going to fix that.

Bottom line: Baby is doing well.  I’m doing well.  Keep waiting!

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Drink lots of water, “they” say. Stay hydrated, “they” say. Practically no one drinks enough water, “they” say. It’s a big deal, “they” say.

Turns out “they” are right. At least some of the time. At least about me – last week.

Last Wednesday night, I started having contractions. Not Braxton Hicks fake kind of contractions where your belly gets tight, but really, really painful ones. Ones that reminded me of real labor. Which is NOT what you want to feel when you’re 25 weeks pregnant.

They were painful enough and lasted long enough (a few hours) and came often enough (every 2-3 minutes at their peak) that they made me really worried. Changing positions didn’t help. Taking a bath didn’t help. Laying down didn’t help. Walking around didn’t help.

I called my OB around 9:40 and asked for advice. His advice: You’re likely dehydrated, drink some water, see if that helps, but if it doesn’t, come into the hospital and get checked out.

So I drank some water. Threw it up. Drank some more water. Threw it up. Time to call my mom to stay with the (sleeping) boys and get to the hospital. I really had hopes that it was going to be a false event, so I would’ve driven myself if I could have in any way. But with the pain and the throwing up, I just couldn’t do it.

So Jeff drove me to the hospital, I checked in and the contractions started to subside. Which is good news, but bad timing — would’ve been nice if that they would’ve stopped BEFORE getting my mom out of bed.

They started me drinking some water, hooked me up to monitors and sure enough, healthy heartbeat for baby. Healthy heartbeat & blood pressure for me. No contractions. Urine test didn’t show any protein in my urine (ruling out preeclampsia).

So, they sent me home with a big hospital water bottle and instructions to drink 2-3 of them a day (for about 100 ounces of water). So far, I’ve made it each day.

I’m glad all is well and good. But pregnant mamas: drink your water!

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24 week check up

Another uneventful pregnancy check up.  This time, I didn’t even see my OB.  He had gotten called into an emergency surgery, so I saw a Nurse Practitioner in his office instead.  Okay by me.

  • They took blood to run some tests on my vitamin & mineral levels.
  • She listened for the heartbeat – in the 140s, where, so far, all my babies have camped.
  • She gave me the delightful gestational diabetes drink for my next appointment.  Oh bliss.
  • She measured me.  I’m measuring small (21 weeks instead of 24 weeks), but that’s very common for me.  I am the biggest that I think I’ve ever been (but still have only gained 10 pounds).  I don’t know why that is, but whatever.  Not really concerned about it.

They did call me back a couple of days after the appointment to let me know that my iron levels are still low, but to keep doing what I’m doing in hopes that they’ll re-bound soon.  They’ll check them again.

Side note: we still don’t have a name.  Still don’t really have a list of names.  No top 3 list.  Not even a top 10 list.  I’m not freaking out about it yet.

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20 week check up

Over a week ago now, I had my 20 week check up for this pregnancy.  I totally forgot to blog about it, which is strange for me, because the 20 week check up has the big anatomy scan where we (usually) find out the gender.  But this time?  We already knew the gender, so that part of the mystery is gone.

But I did get to see our littlest one.  He looks like his brothers, of course.  You know, like a 20-week old baby.  (How anyone can see any distinguishing characteristics on those ultrasound machines is beyond my understanding!)

He is measuring right on track – maybe a few days bigger, but that’s well within any margin of error.  The ultrasound technician tells me he’s quite active, but I don’t feel much activity.  That’s because, like my first pregnancy, the placenta is in front.  Movement is much harder to feel.  It’s night and day different from my other 2 pregnancies.  Not bad.  Not good.  Just different.

His heartbeat was in the 140s, which is pretty typical of my babies.  And he’s definitely 100%, no-doubt-about-it a boy!  Looks like Jeff and I better get more serious about picking out names!

This pregnancy (because of the dumb Advanced Maternal Age thing), I’m seeing a perinatologist, whom I actually really like.  He wants to see me again at 26 weeks, but it just seems like overkill ya know?  I compared it to hiring Brad Paisley to give your 2 year old singing lessons.  The pregnancy is going well and we’re looking forward to this new one joining our family this summer!

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16 week check up!

Last week, I had my 16-week check up for Baby #4.  These 2nd trimester appointments are blissfully uneventful!

They check my weight (up a pound).

The check my blood pressure (fine).

They took blood (to check my iron levels).

They listen to the baby’s heartbeat (140s).

Then we say “Good Bye” and see ya next time!

That’s pretty much how it goes.  Next appointment will be my 20-week appointment, which will be a little more exciting since it’s the big anatomy ultrasound.  However, since we already know that it’s a boy, that small piece of guessing isn’t there.  Since I’m considered “AMA” (Advanced Maternal Age), my ultrasound will be done by the perinatologist instead of the normal ultrasound technicians.  Either way, it’s a glimpse at our newest one!

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