It’s done!!!!!!  Well, practically.

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Here’s what we have left:

  • I’ve changed my mind on the color of the kitchen walls, so we need to repaint those.
  • The bathroom needs to be painted.
  • The white woodwork in the kitchen & bath needs painted.
  • I need to purchase & install some small “finishing” things like blinds in the new basement bedroom, dining area of the kitchen and great room in the basement.
  • Painting the bench & shelves in the “mudroom” area of our laundry room.

The painting will be done after New Year’s Day, but the blinds and curtains aren’t urgent.

The contractors were finished last week, allowing me to put the kitchen back together.  Picking out where to put plates and bowls and serving spoons.  Filling up my walk-in pantry.  The shower doors weren’t installed until today, but that’s been done now.  And the carpet has been laid in the basement today and the furniture moved back in (yay — we can park in the garage again!)

Until the painting is done, I won’t have final pictures.  But it’s looking good.  Really good.  I’m so pleased with it.  I was most nervous about my tile selection in the bathroom, but I love it!

Samuel: 8 months old!

Samuel is 8 months old — well, really 8.5 months, but I’m just now getting around to writing the blogpost.

Here’s his scrapbook page:


And a recent picture:


12 week check up!

Had my 12 week check up today.  Pretty uneventful.  My blood pressure was good.  Baby’s heartbeat was strong – in the 140s.

What has been eventful:

  • After my 8 week check up (and blood work), they determined that my iron levels were low.  Really low.
  • I was already on a prenatal with iron and a separate iron pill.
  • So they increased it to add another iron pill in, but to be taken at a different time of day.  And to take it with orange juice, when possible. Gotta get those levels up!
  • We had an appointment with the genetic counselors at a related perinatal office last week (because of the whole “Advanced Maternal Age” thing).  They did an ultrasound and everything looked great.
  • The perinatologist thinks upping my iron won’t really help – that the body just can’t adequately absorb much more than I had been taking.  So he ordered more extensive blood work at my 16 week appointment.  He also said that his office would do my normal 20-week growth ultrasound.

So now I pop more pills and hope it takes!

Remodel: Week 8

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I think we’re at the end of week 8 of the remodel and WOW what progress!  I’m really overdue in giving an update.

There was a “dead” week in there after the framing was done before the city inspector came by and gave the okay to start the drywall.  The drywallers took about a week to hang and finish the drywall in the kitchen, master bath and basement.  They finished Wednesday (right before Thanksgiving), giving me the go ahead to start painting!

We’ve elected to do our own painting because that’s about all that we can do!  In reality, we’ll be hiring my uncle who is a professional painter.  However, since I couldn’t tell him for sure when the room would be ready to paint, I went ahead and did some painting myself this 4-day holiday weekend.

There’s still plenty for him to do – but I was able to knock out major portions of the kitchen while the flooring wasn’t installed.  It’s soooo much easier to paint when you don’t care about the flooring and the trim hasn’t been installed yet.

Here’s where we’re at:


  • Cabinets installed, but not yet painted.
  • Flooring installed in “dining area”, but not anywhere else yet.
  • All framed.
  • All drywalled.
  • The ceiling, in particular, has been leveled out.
  • All the canned lights have been installed.
  • Island lighting and final fixtures will be installed later.
  • Most of the walls painted, except for the dining area.

Master Bathroom:

  • All framed up.
  • All drywalled up.
  • Drywall primed, but I need to pick a final wall color.


  • All framed up.
  • All drywalled up.
  • Brand new fuse panel installed.
  • No painting or trim work done.

Pictures of the Kitchen:






8 week appointment

My OB that has delivered our 3 boys is no longer handling pregnancies.  Sad day.  I knew that after I delivered Samuel, but didn’t think it mattered – we are definitely in the state of “overwhelmed” and were not planning on more children – certainly not right away.

But it looks like that decision was made for us!  So when I got the positive test, I went looking for a new doctor.  I found a new doctor that was available (man, a lot of the OBs where I wanted to go didn’t have any openings).  Let’s call him Dr. W.  (Cause his last name starts with a ‘W’.)

Another bad thing happened since I delivered Sammy – I turned 36.  So, now there’s no confusion – I’m officially “Advanced Maternal Age”.  Cue more blood tests and extra eyes on my case.  Basically, he’ll order a couple of extra ultrasounds and blood tests later in my pregnancy.

He did the ultrasound, saw the heartbeat, measured me at 8 weeks, 4 days, so he set a due date of June 26th.  Considering how surprised we were to need an OB, we had no better idea of dates.  So sounds as good as anything else to us!

But everything appears well!


Halloween 2015

How do you get a good picture of all 3 kids?  Maybe next year!


Samuel: 7 months old!

Growing, growing, growing!  That’s about all I gotta say about that!

His scrapbook page:


A recent picture:



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