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Mommy Wars: Real?

You know how some people say that Valentine’s Day is an invention of Hallmark and Godiva, created just to sell cards, flowers and chocolate?  Well, I think “The Mommy Wars” are kind of like that – mostly made up (by the media) so that people have something to talk about.

There was a collection of pictures from different moms about the different paths that they’ve taken and it was a plea to stop the Mommy Wars. It’s a cool collection of pictures – so check it out!

I think it’s the media that puts so much emphasis on this, so it must be a real thing, right?  I’m sure, at some level, there is a battle going on amongst moms on different issues, but I think it probably only exists about 10% of what the media would tell you it does.

But maybe that’s just been my experience.  Maybe I just haven’t been parenting long enough.  (Because I used to think this was a much bigger issue.)  But I, personally, haven’t gotten much flack for most of the parenting decisions that we’ve made.  And yet the media would lead you to believe that just about everything in the parenting arena is fodder for “The Mommy Wars”.  No one has taken me to task for formula feeding.  No one has told me that I made a big mistake in having kids so close together.  Or for wanting more than 2.5 kids.  No one shunned me for having an induction.  And no one has tried to make me feel guilty for working.

It’s not even just that no one has said anything, but it’s that they haven’t even used body language that expressed disapproval.  Cause you know, many times people can say “Oh, good for you”, but their tone and body language says anything but “Good for you.”  I just haven’t had experienced it.

Maybe I don’t know many people.  Maybe the people that I know aren’t outspoken enough.  Or opinionated enough.  Or I’m too intimidated to approach.  Or it’s that I don’t talk about working much.  Or about not breastfeeding.  But I just haven’t felt it.

I think “The Mommy Wars” is mostly made up.  So far.

More to come…

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