I have quite a few Facebook friends who have had big moments in the last week or so.  It’s made me take a trip down memory lane.


A gal (that I didn’t even know was dating someone!) just got engaged last week and posted pictures that were taken right after the engagement.  It reminded me of when Jeff proposed.  Here’s the story if you want to read it.  It was a great surprise to me. We had been dating for almost a year and I thought he’d propose – but a few months later than he actually did.  He didn’t do anything over-the-top or make a huge production out of it (thankfully!), but it was just a nice memory that I have.

I’m excited for this newly engaged couple and the good times that they’ll have in the coming months planning their wedding.

The night we got engaged!

Getting Married

Another facebook friend just got married.  Which, of course, brings up good memories for me of our wedding day and how fun that was.  (It was also kind of a blur — man, so many things that happened just in 1 day!)  I remember the early days of adjusting to living with a new person.  It’s kind of like having a roommate, but kind of not like it.

First Kiss!


Many, many facebook friends have announced pregnancies lately.  I have one friend in particular who hasn’t announced a pregnancy, but is pinning baby things to pinterest.  Maybe there’s a baby on the way.  Maybe there isn’t.  She might just be getting prepared.  It’s been fun to see her pin lots of advice to first time moms.  Things that 3 years ago, I would’ve DEVOURED.

I remember back to my first pregnancy and how thirsty I was for information.  I just couldn’t get enough.  I wondered about this.  I wondered about that.  I pictured how I would handle certain situations.  I tried to picture what it would be like to physically give birth.  I tried to picture what it would be like to have a newborn.

Some things came to pass.  Some things didn’t.  I don’t regret all the research that I did, even though I didn’t need 1/2 of it!  But I remember the excitement of being pregnant for the first time.  It’s was such an unique time in my life.  So special!

Phinehas Jeffrey!

Stephen David!


5 months old!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!  Stephen’s 5 Months Old Today!  Today, this beautiful first day of Spring day!

Here’s his scrapbook page:



Here’s a recent picture:


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Day #35: Talk Ain’t Cheap.  It’s cute.

The closer Stephen gets to bedtime, the more he “talks”.  I often lay him on our bed while I read and he flirts with the ceiling fan.  It’s so nice to be able to do that in this age where he can’t yet roll enough to roll off the bed.  He’s already been talking for at least 20 minutes.

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Day #34: Clothing Optional

I’ve been trying to teach Phinehas how to dress himself.  Instead, he’s taken it upon himself to try to learn how to undress himself.

The other morning I found him with his pajamas around his waist.  He must’ve worked each arm out and then pulled them down, without unzipping him.  Could be some naked days coming up at our house!


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Day #33: Not Tired

If you ask Phinehas if he’s tired, he’ll say No.  If you ask him if he needs a nap, you’ll get a No.  And yet, he’ll go upstairs, get his teddy bear (named Benji Bear), his blankets and a book and he’ll “tuck” Benji Bear in (on the steps) and start reading him a book.  But is he tired?  NO!  he’ll tell you.

He’s lying.  He is tired.  And he’s on his way to a nap.


(You can see other Everyday Life posts here.  If you wanna.)

Day #32: Reading

Lately, Phinehas has been getting into reading more and more.  He’s often asked us to read by saying “Book”, but he would rarely make it more than 3-4 pages before he’d be off and running.  Now we can make it through entire stories!

In the breakroom of Jeff’s work, someone placed a book about Colorado with a note that said FREE! so Jeff took it.  It’s heavy on pictures and Finn’s enthralled with it.  The other night, he climbed into our bed, pointed at the book and wanted Jeff to “read” it with him.  So they did.  Jeff had to teach him how to be careful turning pages so that they didn’t rip.  (It’s not a concern on those board books that Phinehas mostly has!)




4 months old!

Stephen is 4 months old today!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

He’s doing well.  Growing like a weed.  I was sure that he was bigger than Phinehas was at this age, but according to the doctor’s stats, nope!  Almost the same length, but Phinehas weighed about a half a pound more.  Oh well!

Here’s his scrapbook page:


And some recent pictures:



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