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I have quite a few Facebook friends who have had big moments in the last week or so.  It’s made me take a trip down memory lane.


A gal (that I didn’t even know was dating someone!) just got engaged last week and posted pictures that were taken right after the engagement.  It reminded me of when Jeff proposed.  Here’s the story if you want to read it.  It was a great surprise to me. We had been dating for almost a year and I thought he’d propose – but a few months later than he actually did.  He didn’t do anything over-the-top or make a huge production out of it (thankfully!), but it was just a nice memory that I have.

I’m excited for this newly engaged couple and the good times that they’ll have in the coming months planning their wedding.

The night we got engaged!

Getting Married

Another facebook friend just got married.  Which, of course, brings up good memories for me of our wedding day and how fun that was.  (It was also kind of a blur — man, so many things that happened just in 1 day!)  I remember the early days of adjusting to living with a new person.  It’s kind of like having a roommate, but kind of not like it.

First Kiss!


Many, many facebook friends have announced pregnancies lately.  I have one friend in particular who hasn’t announced a pregnancy, but is pinning baby things to pinterest.  Maybe there’s a baby on the way.  Maybe there isn’t.  She might just be getting prepared.  It’s been fun to see her pin lots of advice to first time moms.  Things that 3 years ago, I would’ve DEVOURED.

I remember back to my first pregnancy and how thirsty I was for information.  I just couldn’t get enough.  I wondered about this.  I wondered about that.  I pictured how I would handle certain situations.  I tried to picture what it would be like to physically give birth.  I tried to picture what it would be like to have a newborn.

Some things came to pass.  Some things didn’t.  I don’t regret all the research that I did, even though I didn’t need 1/2 of it!  But I remember the excitement of being pregnant for the first time.  It’s was such an unique time in my life.  So special!

Phinehas Jeffrey!

Stephen David!


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37 week check up

Had my 37-week check up today.  Another uneventful one!  Feels good to be considered full-term (especially since we learned last week that Stephen is already at a good, healthy weight).  I still prefer him to bake a little longer — we just closed on our new house this morning and we’ll be moving over the next week and a half.  I’d much rather move, then have a baby.  But babies come when they want to!

  • His heartbeat was in the 140s…very much his range.
  • He’s still head down, which is where we want him.  I still feel big flips, so he either goes back to head down in time for my doctor’s appointments or I’m not feeling what I think I’m feeling!  Both are possible, but my doc thinks he’s pretty anchored down there.
  • (For the girly updates)  I’ve started to dilate; just 1 cm and 50% effaced, but that’s no big deal.  You can start to dilate and be dilated for weeks before labor starts.  So it doesn’t mean much.
  • My blood pressure was good – it was this point in my pregnancy with Phinehas that it started rising.  So it’s nice to have that not be a concern.  At least not yet.

See her next week!

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36 week check up!

Happy to report that Baby Stephen probably won’t need preemie clothes! No guarantees, but at the growth ultrasound today he was already estimated at bigger than Phinehas was when he was born.

He wasn’t huge by any means – 47th percentile at 6 pounds, 7 ounces. And I know those are just a best guess based upon a technician’s skill and some computer software. But I’m still hopeful that over the next 4 weeks (til he’s due), he’ll just continue to grow and come out nice and healthy. He already has some nice chubby cheeks!

I don’t know how important size is, but our first son was on the smaller side and he had trouble breastfeeding and developed jaundice, so I’m hopeful that a little bit bigger of a baby will make it easier to master those things. Never any guarantees, but that’s my hope.

Everything else went well. I gained 2 pounds in 2.5 weeks. My blood pressure was normal. I still feel TONS of movement – big movements like I think he’s still flipping around, but today he was head down, which is where we want him.

Everything is going well – now we just need to move (closing next week!) and then he can feel free to be born!


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34 week check up today!

Technically, I’m only 33 weeks, 5 days, but had my 34-week appointment today due to scheduling reasons.

Another pretty uneventful appointment!

  • I’m measuring right on track.
  • Weight gain: 16 pounds (I think).
  • His heartbeat: 140s.
  • Blood pressure: Normal.
  • No complaints.
  • She thinks he is head down, but not completely parallel to me. She thinks he’s kind of tilted – like a / where his head is towards my right side. We’d been thinking he was sideways just based upon where I feel movement and what she was able to feel. There’s still lots of time for him to move about though.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks for a growth ultrasound!

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32 weeks!

This blog is quickly becoming a pregnancy blog. Not my intent – I have several others posts that I’ve written, but never published. Truth be told, I’m feeling “gun shy” about putting my posts out there. There are a variety of reasons, but they mostly boil down to fear. Fear of being mocked or insulted (I’ve been fortunate enough to delete some of the meanest comments before they’re published, so that most people don’t see them). Fear of being seen as silly or stupid. Fear of being wrong (as it far too often these days). So, instead, you’re mostly getting silence. Except for stuff on this pregnancy because…well, let’s be honest…most people don’t mock the stats from your dr’s visit and it’s hard for me to get those details wrong. Someday, I’ll probably blog more, but for those of you checking in to see new stuff? Well, sorry….the new stuff is mostly baby stuff. That said…

Had my 32-week check up this week. Pretty boring stuff.

  • No major concerns.
  • Blood pressure up slightly from last time, but still normal.
  • Up 15 pounds total.
  • Baby is still active.
  • She thinks he’s sideways still – not head down yet. Tis perfectly okay at this stage.
  • She’s ordered a growth ultrasound for 36 weeks to get an idea of how big he is.
  • No reason to think that I’ll go early. Or late. Or need an induction. Things look good today and that’s all we can know. (But they did with Phinehas until weeks 36/37.)


Personally, I’m okay with him baking for quite a while longer.  With our move scheduled for beginning/mid October and him due due middle/late October, I prefer things to happen in that order!


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28 week check up

Hello Third Trimester!  So glad to meet you!  Let’s have some good weeks, shall we?

Had my 28-week check up today.  Again, all went well.  Highlights:

  • Drank the gestational diabetes orange drink and had blood work taken.  If they don’t call me, then I’m fine.  While the drink isn’t totally yummy, it’s not the worst thing in the world.  I keep it cold and drink it with ice.  I hear that helps, but since I haven’t taken it any other way, I can’t say that it does.
  • Baby’s heartbeat is in the 140s – right where it’s pretty much always been.
  • My weight gain is 13 pounds.  3 pounds since my last appointment (I believe), which was 5 weeks ago.  I’ve been doing lots of weight lifting lately – as I’m packing boxes getting ready to move!  Nothing too heavy, but lots of stairs and trips to and from the storage unit we’ve rented.
  • Baby measured right on.
  • He’s so incredibly more active than Phinehas was.  Or, at least, I feel movement so much more than I did with Phinehas.  Could be me.  Could be baby.  Who knows?
  • The heartburn has started!  A couple of Tums takes care of it, but it’s a good sign that he’s growing bigger and starting to press on my stomach.
  • From now on, I go every other week until 36 weeks (I think), then it will start weekly.

I know these updates are probably boring for most people, but I like having a record of them.

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I know “they” say that every pregnancy is different, even the same woman’s pregnancies, but man, am I experiencing that! Not in terms of sickness or weight gain (there hasn’t been much difference in those areas between pregnancies), but this pregnancy with Stephen is way different than my pregnancy with Phinehas in terms of movement!

It’s like night and day different. With Phinehas, I hardly felt any movement. The placenta was in the front, making movement more difficult for me to feel much. Baby’s kicks just had that much more tissue to go through. Making it WAY more difficult for Jeff to feel. In fact, he thinks he maybe/kind of/sort of felt Phinehas kick once. Maybe?

But with this pregnancy with Stephen? Kicks all the time! Not constantly, but quite frequently. The placenta is in the more typical position – in the back, allowing for me to feel movement all the time. And making it possible for Jeff to feel movement. It’s pretty darn neat!

They aren’t painful. At least, not yet. (But I’ve been told that’s a possibility for the future as he grows stronger). Either way, I like it!

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