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There are so many fantastic bloggers out there.    I’ve ran across several articles and authors lately that have really encouraged me.

  • Encouraged me as they’ve helped me realize that I don’t have to do it all.
  • Encouraged me as they’ve given me helpful information on how to structure my life.
  • Encouraged me as they’ve pointed me to some great reading - fiction and non-fiction.
  • Encouraged me as they’ve reminded me about truth about God and other people.

I wish I could be like those writers.  Because I read so many other things (facebook, blog posts, news articles, whatnot) that hurts my heart.  And I wish I could encourage people.

  • I wish I could encourage those couples struggling with infertility.  It’s a hurt that I’ve feared, but haven’t walked through.  And I recognize that any comfort coming from me, a woman with 2 young kids close in age, would more likely sting than soothe.
  • I wish I could encourage that working mom who is afraid that she should be a stay-at-home mom.  But I struggle through that decision myself, so I’d likely just ramble on incoherently.
  • I wish I could encourage the person struggling with debt and income issues.  But I recognize that I haven’t walked that road.  Even the times where I had lower income than I’m used to – it was still a good income.  So I think any encouragement from me would sound too preachy or high-and-mighty.  Not what I would intend, but that’s probably the end result.

I wish I could write the post that could heal hurts, but I’m afraid I just don’t have it in me.  I start a post, then realize that I sound dumb.  Or simple.  Not encouraging, just noise.  So I’ll refrain.  But for those that are hurting, my heart hurts with you.  I just don’t have an elegant way to tell you that.

Anyone want to read a post on why I like the TV show “The Voice”?  Yeah, probably not.  But I do like that show quite a bit!



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“On Hold”

I feel like my life is “on hold”.  Like, if I was a TV program, someone hit the Pause button.  Maybe it’s because there aren’t any big new changes in my life right now.

Stephen is 5 months old and we’ve definitely settled into a family-of-4 groove.

We’re slowly coming out of winter here, so we’ve been staying home quite a few months as there just isn’t much to do outside in Nebraska when it’s cold. (At least not much that I want to do.)

There are some changes at work — lots of people switching teams amongst our group and I’ll be getting a new manager soon, but it hasn’t been radical or unnerving. To me, anyway.

Financially, we have a big goal to get our mortgage paid off this year, but there isn’t too much I can do to make that happen faster.  Our income is what it is.  We don’t want to take any extraordinary measures to increase it like getting a second job.  Our spending levels are about as low as we’re comfortable with.  Just got to wait for each month to come and make the payment.

We’re also holding off on making any big remodeling changes to the house.  We painted the whole interior when we moved in and put new carpet in the bedrooms.  So there’s a nice, blank slate that I’m itching to put some personality on.  But we’ll wait until the house is paid off and the savings account built up a little more.  Plus, I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to do in the different spaces.


So I feel like life is on hold.  I haven’t been in this position in a while.  In the last 6 years, I’ve had 3 different jobs; met, dated and married my husband; moved 4 times; and had 2 kids.

Nothing to do but to keep marching on. I feel great about where I’m at, but I have a sense of “shouldn’t I be doing something?” feeling.  Answer: Nope, I shouldn’t.

It’s just a slow and steady phase of life.


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I have quite a few Facebook friends who have had big moments in the last week or so.  It’s made me take a trip down memory lane.


A gal (that I didn’t even know was dating someone!) just got engaged last week and posted pictures that were taken right after the engagement.  It reminded me of when Jeff proposed.  Here’s the story if you want to read it.  It was a great surprise to me. We had been dating for almost a year and I thought he’d propose – but a few months later than he actually did.  He didn’t do anything over-the-top or make a huge production out of it (thankfully!), but it was just a nice memory that I have.

I’m excited for this newly engaged couple and the good times that they’ll have in the coming months planning their wedding.

The night we got engaged!

Getting Married

Another facebook friend just got married.  Which, of course, brings up good memories for me of our wedding day and how fun that was.  (It was also kind of a blur — man, so many things that happened just in 1 day!)  I remember the early days of adjusting to living with a new person.  It’s kind of like having a roommate, but kind of not like it.

First Kiss!


Many, many facebook friends have announced pregnancies lately.  I have one friend in particular who hasn’t announced a pregnancy, but is pinning baby things to pinterest.  Maybe there’s a baby on the way.  Maybe there isn’t.  She might just be getting prepared.  It’s been fun to see her pin lots of advice to first time moms.  Things that 3 years ago, I would’ve DEVOURED.

I remember back to my first pregnancy and how thirsty I was for information.  I just couldn’t get enough.  I wondered about this.  I wondered about that.  I pictured how I would handle certain situations.  I tried to picture what it would be like to physically give birth.  I tried to picture what it would be like to have a newborn.

Some things came to pass.  Some things didn’t.  I don’t regret all the research that I did, even though I didn’t need 1/2 of it!  But I remember the excitement of being pregnant for the first time.  It’s was such an unique time in my life.  So special!

Phinehas Jeffrey!

Stephen David!


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Day #35: Talk Ain’t Cheap.  It’s cute.

The closer Stephen gets to bedtime, the more he “talks”.  I often lay him on our bed while I read and he flirts with the ceiling fan.  It’s so nice to be able to do that in this age where he can’t yet roll enough to roll off the bed.  He’s already been talking for at least 20 minutes.

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(You can see other Everyday Life posts here.  If you wanna.)

Day #34: Clothing Optional

I’ve been trying to teach Phinehas how to dress himself.  Instead, he’s taken it upon himself to try to learn how to undress himself.

The other morning I found him with his pajamas around his waist.  He must’ve worked each arm out and then pulled them down, without unzipping him.  Could be some naked days coming up at our house!


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Day #33: Not Tired

If you ask Phinehas if he’s tired, he’ll say No.  If you ask him if he needs a nap, you’ll get a No.  And yet, he’ll go upstairs, get his teddy bear (named Benji Bear), his blankets and a book and he’ll “tuck” Benji Bear in (on the steps) and start reading him a book.  But is he tired?  NO!  he’ll tell you.

He’s lying.  He is tired.  And he’s on his way to a nap.


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Everyday Life Day 32: Reading

(You can see other Everyday Life posts here.  If you wanna.)

Day #32: Reading

Lately, Phinehas has been getting into reading more and more.  He’s often asked us to read by saying “Book”, but he would rarely make it more than 3-4 pages before he’d be off and running.  Now we can make it through entire stories!

In the breakroom of Jeff’s work, someone placed a book about Colorado with a note that said FREE! so Jeff took it.  It’s heavy on pictures and Finn’s enthralled with it.  The other night, he climbed into our bed, pointed at the book and wanted Jeff to “read” it with him.  So they did.  Jeff had to teach him how to be careful turning pages so that they didn’t rip.  (It’s not a concern on those board books that Phinehas mostly has!)




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Long time, no update

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Tis okay with me.  I’m sure it’s okay with you.  Here’s what’s going on: Life.


Thought about getting a different job.

Decided not to.

I love my current gig and really have it quite good where I’m at.

It wasn’t my job that was causing me discontent.  It was me.  A new job wouldn’t fix that.  Might put off those feelings for a while, but wouldn’t fix it.



Doing quite well.


Sleeping through the night.

Vocabulary explosion with the oldest.  Boundaries constantly being tested.  About to start potty training this week.

Feeding explosion with the youngest.  Newest trick is rolling over in his crib and being darn angry about it and yet, unable to roll back over.  The other night, I found him on the opposite side of the crib I laid him on and on his back, instead of his tummy (yeah, we tummy sleep).

I have moments of thinking “2 kids is enough”.  Quickly followed by “Nah, I’ll take a dozen.”  There’s usually an “I wuv you” said that changes my mind.


Can you tell who is who?

Can you tell who is who?


Valentine’s Day is coming up.  We don’t celebrate it.  Maybe we’ll celebrate it this year by having a potty trained tot?  I’d love that!

Hubby got promoted in January.  Net effect of his monthly paycheck: $17.  $17!!?!  For all that new work!?  Turns out they didn’t actually give him a raise – that was just the changes in taxes and such.  They forgot.  They’ll fix it for February’s paycheck.



We’re on Cloud 9 due to some bonuses and tax returns.  We’re predicting we’ll be mortgage free again by the end of this year.  We thought it’d be sometime in 2015.

No real updates being made.  Status quo.  For now.

After the mortgage is paid off, we’ll start saving for remodeling that I want to do.  And that will be the debate: how much to spend?

What will I spend it on?  Jeff doesn’t usually care.  Kitchen?  Powder room?  Entryway?  Laundry room?  Bathrooms? So many rooms want my money.


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Purging Pinterest

I’ve been in major organizing mode around here.  When we moved into this new house a couple of months ago, I did some organizing of things as we put things away.  But it kind of takes living in place before you get a better idea of how to work with the space you got.  So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been purging things.  And boxing up things.  And straightening things.

Now to do the same with Pinterest.  I had over 2,500 pins.  I had pinned recipes that I might make some day.  I’ve pinned decoration ideas for bedrooms, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens.  For rooms that I might have someday.

But someday has come.  We aren’t moving any time soon – at least not for a decade (Jeff says not for 30 years, but we’ll see).  So, it’s time to rid my pinterest pages of the ideas that don’t fit this house.  I might love the idea of having a big huge gameroom, but that isn’t the space we have to work with.  I might love the idea of a big walk in tub, but that wouldn’t fit in this house.  I might love the idea of cooking everything from scratch, but, well, that just isn’t me.  The fact that I pinned it months and months and months ago and haven’t ever made it is telling me that I probably won’t make it.  Delete it. It’s just cluttering the things that I am still interested in.  It overwhelms me.

I guess I’ll make that my New Year’s Resolution.  Mostly because I can’t fail – I’ve already done some cleaning up!

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Day #31: Organization in the Garage

Jeff’s parents came to town earlier this week and helped us install shelves in the garage!  LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!  It gets stuff off the ground.  It allows me to put stuff in totes.  It helps me to walk around the cars without tripping. It keeps things like bug sprays, ant killers, weed killers and gasoline out of little ones’ hands.  LOVE IT!

The cool black tool chest is also from them – it was Jeff’s Christmas present!  Our garage is very grateful to them!


Here’s Phinehas learning how to work the cordless drill:

LearningToDrillAnd playing with Grandpa’s Hat:


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