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I ran across a quote a while ago, but I don’t remember the source. It is “People don’t know how wonderful they are. Someone needs to tell them.” Maybe, for your friend, that someone is you. After all, relationships need encouragement to keep growing. Marriages don’t thrive when we ignore our spouses. Children don’t feel closer to us when we don’t spend time with them. Friendships are the same thing. Even with limited time that we moms can have, we can encourage our friendships. All it takes is just a little time and forethought.

Here are some of my ideas that don’t take too much time to pull off.

  • Send an email or a text message.  It just needs to be a few sentences, but it will brighten her day. Give her one to two things that you really appreciate.  Some things you’ve noticed about her specifically.  Extra credit if you hand write it on a note card, but that’s not necessary.
  • Bring her a treat. Driving through Starbucks? Pick her up a latte. Stopping by Dairy Queen? Order an extra milk shake just for her! Find out where she is and drop the treat off. You don’t even need to enjoy it with her; just bless her!
  • Decorate her yard. Get some plastic Easter eggs, fill them with candy and decorate her door step. Buy 100 American flags and make a big sign in her yard. Sneak into her yard at night and have some fun. Her kids will probably get a kick out of it too!
  • Drop off dinner. Making a casserole for dinner? Make two, but bring one to her. Just give her advance notice that you’re providing the meal or make it something that she can serve the next day. Meals don’t have to be just for new moms or when there is a death in the family.
  • Leave a voice mail. Does she have a work phone number? Call it late at night when she won’t be in the office. Leave a short message telling her that you value her friendship. That’ll be a nice surprise when she gets into the office!
  • Listen carefully. Many times, friends drop hints about the things that they need. Has she been looking for a good pork tenderloin recipe? If you find one, pass it on. If she mentions that her brother is looking for a job and you come across a possibility, send it her way. If you see a rug that would look great in her living room, tell her about it.
  • Take something off her plate.  Does she have errands to run?  Can you pick up her dry cleaning or the 5 gallons of paint she’s been meaning to get for the basement?  You can’t help her file her status reports for work, but you can bring her a snack while she’s working late.
  • Remember her birthday.  Let’s be honest. Sometimes moms can get overlooked on their birthdays.  So, before Facebook tells you it’s her birthday, write it in your day planner and plan ahead.  Order her one of those big chocolate chip cookies.  Make her a birthday cake.  It can even be from a box.  Help her kids make her a card.  Just make her feel special in some small way!

How do you encourage friendship?

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The perfect day

I think this would be the most perfect day:

10:00 AM – To wake up late like a 20-year-old college student who has no demands on your time and was able to sleep as late as you want.

11:00 AM – To be a 6-year-old who is about to go to Kindergarten for the first time and is just so excited!

12:00 Noon – Eating lunch with your other retired friends, catching up on each other’s children, grandchildren, travels and lives.

1:00 PM – As a mom who has a rare moment without your kids, getting your hair done. Just relishing the ability to stay still for a moment.

2:00 PM – As a toddler that just manuveured a chair to the front of the fridge and got out all the grapes. “I do myself!”

3:00 PM – As a couple who has been married 49.5 years, planning a 50th wedding anniversary trip, realizing a life-long dream. Italy? New York? Carribbean?

4:00 PM – As a parent, watching your oldest graduate from college. A goal achieved. A dream realized!

5:00 PM – As a 24-year-old woman, waiting nervously at home waiting for your date to pick you up. This is your 4th date with him and you’re still really excited about the relationship. There’s a good feeling that this relationship might go somewhere!

6:00 PM – As a dad, getting home from work, to be greeted by your family. Daddy’s home!

7:00 PM – As a 40-something single woman, sorting through mail, seeing the last support check come in for your upcoming missions trip to Zimbabwe.

8:00 PM – As a 6-month-old, slowly falling asleep after an evening feed in your mother’s arms.

I think it’s John Piper that says: “No one season has all the joys.” So true.

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There are soooo many cute gifts for teachers on pinterest!  Well, my kids don’t have any teachers, but I like the ideas.  And I like encouraging my co-workers.  So I put my couponing skills to work.  Added in my not-very-good-but-good-enough design skills and came up with gifts for my co-workers.

They were just a bottle of either orange Gatorade, Diet Sunkist or regular Sunkist with a note attached.  It said something clever like

“Orange You Glad:

->Work for such a cool team?

->Work on such a cool product?

->Work with such cool people?

Orange you glad for all that?

We sure are glad you’re here!

Yeah, it was dumb.  It was cheesy.  Yes, they’re mostly grown men.  Yes, it cost me less than $.50 bottle.  But I think they liked it!orange

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Following the theme of being more grateful and actually documenting them

Today, I’m grateful for:

41.That today is the primary election day.  I’ll be voting, but really, I’m grateful that a huge chunk of the political ads and phone calls will end!

42. Kids that nap at the same time.

43. Kraft Mac & Cheese Shapes.  Love ‘em!

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Following the theme of being more grateful and actually documenting them

Today, I’m grateful for:

40. Having a large extended family!  Going to a cousin’s graduation party means that there are at least 1 grandma, 4 aunts and 3 cousins who want to hold your baby.  And at least 2 cousins and 3 kids-of-cousins who want to play with your toddler!

41. Recipes that double really easily and make 14 burritos for the freezer!

42. Book recommendations from friends – especially ones that are at the public library!

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Following the theme of being more grateful and actually documenting them

Today, I’m grateful for:

37.  A lawn mower that works!

38.  That we’re debt free!!!!  Mortgage paid off!  Secret to our success: Income greater than expenses.  Extra money toward the mortgage!

39. Not having to pay First National Bank’s mortgage company $1000 next month!  Hello savings account!


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Following the theme of being more grateful and actually documenting them

Today, I’m grateful for:

34.  Husbands willing to run a quick errand for me on his way home from work.

35. Cousins that are teachers and can be used as babysitters in the summer!

36. The ability to walk from my house to my sister’s house in less than 3 minutes – and that’s with a toddler in tow.

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